Peter Ind was always fascinated not only with playing jazz but also recording it and seeing how sounds could be mixed. As soon as he had earned enough money from playing in New York he bought his first tape machine in 1953 – a modest single track tape recorder. By 1957 he had purchased state of the art recording equipment – and was one of the first to record jazz in stereo. Many famous recording were made in his loft in New York in the 50’s and early 60’s – Zoot Sims and Al Cohn, Gerry Mulligan, Booker Little to name a few.

He founded his own company – Wave - in New York in 1961 with the release of his first featured album - Peter Ind’s “Looking Out”. He was also one of the first experimenters – doing overdubbing in multi-tracking and varispeed in the 1950’s. Now a well known practice, but at the time he was heavily criticised. He made the very first rhythm tracks together with the drummer Jeff Morton. These were used in Lennie Tristano’s now legendary recordings for Atlantic Records. He was also an experienced sound engineer often recording for other major companies – including Atlantic Records, Verve Records, Bethlehem and Warwick.

He then established Wave in the UK in 1967, when he returned to London, and through it released a number of his own private recordings. He set up Wave studios as a recording facility helping to rejuvenate a run down area in East London - Hoxton Square. The new Wave premises eventually became host to the jazz venue Bass Clef and Peter continued his personal passion for recording.

Since the jazz club closed and the UK company was struck off, Peter refocused on recordings and with his partner, Sue Jones has been releasing some of his personal recordings and producing a selection of high quality classic jazz CD’s, mainly from his New York days, through the new company Wave Marketing that they have set up.

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