3. Peter’s books in the environment

The Environment and Cosmic Metabolism:
Looking at the stars and thinking about the earth

What is this book about? Some quotes

“This essay centres around the concept of energy and what this means in terms of our current culture. In a way we take it for granted but when we look around us, when we look up into the sky, if we ever peer out to space we are looking at energy, but do we understand it?

“Space has the function of cleaning waste energy, ultimately it is the way energy is renewed and replenished. Cosmic Metabolism is the name I chose for this process of energy renewal.”

“If we understand clearly how we are affecting the capacity of the Earth to cleanse itself, then there is hope for the future”

Painting the energy of nature

Some quotes from the book

“Colour is so important to me – the vast range of colours shows all the energies in a scene.

“If you use your eye you find that anything, the sea for example, is all kinds of colours that are not immediately noticeable."

“We live in such a material culture. In painting I am trying to get away from that materialism and focus on the natural life giving energy that is all around us."

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