2. The Environment
Whenever I go on painting trips I am looking for views and pictures that show so clearly some of the underlying facts about energy and the life energy that is all around us.
A trip a few years ago to the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan illustrated this so clearly. The sand and desert formation indicates the cataclysmic disruption that took place and also evidences that this occurred in comparatively recent history, but shows how the land coped with what had occurred.

I love to paint a tree – each one is so different. “It expresses a complete life history just by being there …it just grows and grows until its life span is ended, someone cuts it down or maybe pollution levels overcome it. To me it is the living energy of life, wonderfully expressed in trees; life energy without ego. So much energy; appreciation of that adds to your own outlook on life.
We have to look at our world in different ways.

I have talked about this in the recent brochure of my 2008 Painting exhibition and the book "The Environment and Cosmic Metabolism".

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