Born 20th July 1928 in Uxbridge Middlesex. U.K. English double bass player. He played on the ship the Queen Mary (1949-51) before settling in New York (1951), where he taught, and performed and recorded with Lennie Tristano (1951), Lee Konitz (1954 – 57), and Buddy Rich (1957). He established a recording studio in 1957, and in 1961 started his own record company, Wave. His album “Looking Out” (1958-61, Wave 1) includes solos, duos with Joe Puma and the drummer Dick Scott, and tracks recorded with a trio and with a quartet. While living in Big Sur, California (1963-6), he became the first double bass player to give concerts and broadcasts as an unaccompanied soloist. In 1965 he played with Konitz and Warne Marsh. Thereafter he returned to England and continued to perform, teach and manage Wave. He toured with Konitz and Marsh in 1975-6. In 1984 he opened the Bass Clef in London, which became one of the city’s most popular clubs.

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