The following pictures are taken from the 2008 collection, available from Peter directly at, containing 12 colour prints from the collection together with a commentary. Exhibited at the Karen Taylor Gallery. Price per catalogue (including p&p) £8:00.

As part of Peter's 80th birthday celebrations we have 4 each of 4 limited-edition prints - professionally mounted and available at a special celebration price until July 2013.

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Williamsburg Bridge, New York 1960Williamsburg Bridge, New York. 1960 50cm x 64cm Pastel
Casuarina Tree 1Casuarina tree 1, near Worthing, Barbados 1998 58cm x 83cm Pastela>
Casuarina Tree 2Casuarina tree 2, near Worthing, Barbados 1998 83cm x 58cm Pastel
Cypresses Arles 1Cypresses Arles 1, France 1959 42cm x 59cm Pastel
Cypresses Arles 2Cypresses Arles 2, France 1962 59cm x 42cm Pastel
Marble HillMarble Hill House, St. Margaret's, UK 2004 49cm x 69cm Pastel
Swiss VillageSwiss Village 1959 59cm x 41cm Pastel
Italian Cottage in LericiItalian Cottage in Lerici 1962 64cm x 48cm Pastel
Sugar MaplesSugar Maples at the Nowack's, New York State 2005 58cm x 83cm Pastel
Eucalyptus in the bushEucaplyptus in the bush, Queensland, Australia 2002 58cm x 40cm Pastel
Budding FigBudding Fig, Lerici Spring 1962 64cm x 47cm Pastel
Durdle DoorDurdle Door, Dorset, UK 1967 45cm x 63cm Pastel
Victor Harbour Bay, South AustraliaVictor Harbour Bay, South Australia 2002 41cm x 56cm Pastel
Harbour area, CapetownHarbour area, Capetown, South Africa 1999 42cm x 59cm Pastel
Volcano, MonserratVolcano, Monserrat 2002 38cm x 49cm Pastel
Payne's Bay, BarbadosPayne's Bay, Barbados 1998 44cm x 63cm Pastel
Upper Fifth Avenue, New YorkUpper Fifth Avenue, New York 1999 48cm x 63cm Pastel